Seafood salad

Beef jerky

Terra salad

Mediterranean salad

Homemade croquettes

Baked baby scallops

Skewered prawns in tempura with lime mayonnaise

Tomato carpaccio

Padrón peppers

Entrecote of Galician beef tenderloin, grilled

Iberian pork secret

Galician beef picaña

Galician veal T-bone steak (1 kg)

Pork tenderloin on creamy spinach and mushroom soup

Churrasco (mixed pork ribs and beef steaks)

Churrasco (pork ribs)

Churrasco (beef steaks)

Grilled free-range chicken breast

Grilled octopus with creamy potato and garlic sauce

Grilled salmon, ‘rodicio’ style

Grilled codfish with peppers and baked potatoes

Codfish Portuguese style

Codfish Galician style

Monkfish and prawns brochette in green sauce

Veal burger, Arzúa-Ulloa cheese and caramelized onion


Hamburger of free-range chicken, tomato, lettuce tomato, lettuce, onion and San Simón and San Simon cheese


Baked potatoes

French fries

Apple pie

Chocolate brownie with ice cream

Artisan yogurt with honey and walnuts

Chocolate mousse

Baked cheesecake with blueberries

Pear pie

Gin glass with ice cream duo

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